Fine Uploader – JavaScript File Uploader

Fine uploader is a JavaScript ajax file uploader that features drag and drop and does not require jQuery or other libraries.

The Fine Uploader web site has plenty examples demonstrating the different options such as limiting file types & size, displaying thumbnails and manually triggering the upload.

Browser support is limited though, excluding safari for windows and IE6 and IE10.

Competition – Win a Free Arrow Chat License

Win a Free Arrow Chat License!

Arrow chat is a PHP and MySQL based real time chat application that sits at the bottom of the browser (similar to Facebook chat) and allows your users to have instant conversations.

It can be integrated with all popular CMS platforms making installation incredibly simple.

It features customisable private or public chat rooms and video chat. The chat bar can be extended with applications such as games, translation tools and social sharing buttons.

The interface is themeable so you can style it to suit your site design. Everything can be maintained in the admin interface from the template to user administration.

Arrow chat are giving away a free kick starter license which also includes 30 days of technical support and 6 months of updates.

How To Enter

To enter the competition, simply:

  • Reply with a comment to this post (you must be logged in to Disqus)
  • Like the Arrow Chat Facebook Page

To gain an additional entries (for a greater chance of winning):

  • Like The Web Resource Source Facebook Page (one additional entry)
  • Follow Web Resource Source on Twitter (one additional entry)
  • Subscribe to the Web Resource Source RSS Feed via email (one additional entry)

The competition will close on the 17th October 2012 and the winner will be selected at random on the same day.

Good luck to everyone 🙂

Jetstrap – Bootstrap Visual Interface Builder

Jetstrap is a visual editor designed to build Twitter Bootstap based front ends more quickly via a drag and drop web interface.

A feature is that it allows you to preview how your responsive design will look on different devices.

It is also possible to add id’s and classes to any element and customise the CSS with a built in editor.

Designs can be exported to a zip file.

Prompt Users To Upgrade Their Browser With jReject

jReject is a lightweight (7.05 KB excluding images and CSS) jQuery plugin that can be used to prompt users to upgrade their browser in a modal popup based on browser, bowser version, platform or rendering engine – all of which can be customised.

If the users browser does not meet your requirements a customisable message can be displayed to prompt the user to upgrade from a selection (also customisable) of the latest browsers.

The user is also given the option to carry on browsing the site if they acknowledge a reduced experience. If a user chooses to continue viewing the site, the prompt is prevented from being displayed again within the session.

Pretty Checkable – Custom Form Controls

Pretty Checkable is a jQuery plugin to create custom checkbox and radio form controls.

A PSD is supplied with the control images and this can be modified or replaced to meet your own design requirements.

The controls can be used in four colours (blue, red, green & yellow) which work well with Twitter Bootstrap.

The configuration options include settings to change the colour, alignment of the label and a custom class name. These can be set in the plugin initialisation or inline with data attributes.