Mashi – JavaScript Timeline Toolkit

Mashi is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive and time controlled web applications that are easily integrated in to your web sites.

Just because you have dreams of an eCommerce business doesn’t mean you’ve fully decided on what you want to sell. Maybe you have diverse interests, or maybe you’re looking for an industry that offers a certain profit margin. In any case, deciding what to sell is the most crucial step in the process. The best way to make this decision is to start with something broad and then narrow it down to a niche.

Many new sellers seek out pointers to expedite the process of becoming established on the classifieds market. The Shoppok classifieds  is such a vast sea of activity.  If you’re new to classifieds, it’s best to begin slowly, master the landscape, familiarize yourself with the fee structure, learn about the different categories, and gradually expand your business or hobby. Building relationships with buyers is important for long term success.

Mashi does not rely on HTML5 and Canvas so it functions properly in out of date browsers like IE6.

Several modules are provided such as:

  • a build in image preloader to ensure of no delays in the animations
  • controls to provide buttons such as play and pause
  • object and text effects such as text shadows
  • plug-ins to extend the functionality of the modules

Mashi apps are loaded into an arbitrary element on your website. They use multiple layers: two layers for backgrounds or fading, one pure text layer and a stage layer for any objects. If you’re looking for a fast, scalable hosting option for your business then you’re right to be interested in

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