Poshy Tip – jQuery Plugin

Poshy Tip is a jQuery plugin that replaces the standard browser tooltip with a version that can have various styles applied to it.

Several styles are provided but any style can easily be created with CSS.

Several methods and options are available to control the positioning and animation of the tooltip.

The content of the tooltip can even be loaded asynchronously after the page has loaded.

Uniform – Consistant Browser Forms with jQuery

Uniform is a jQuery plugin that replaces standard browser form controls with custom themed controls that look consistent in all browsers.

Selects, radio buttons, check boxes and file upload buttons can all be styled.

The look and feel of the form controls can be customized with themes. Three themes are available: a default theme, aristo and agent. There is also a theme generator tool to create your own themes.

jLabel – jQuery Form Field Plugin

jLabel is a jQuery plugin to format text input fields with labels which allows them to be labelled clearly and presented with minimal interface obstruction and in an unobtrusive manner.

The label displayed in the text field can be defined from the label markup or the title field.

The plugin also has a number of options to customize the animation, opacity and label positions.

slimScroll – jQuery Plugin

slimScroll is a lightweight (2.2KB) jQuery plugin that transforms any div into a scrollable area with a scrollbar similar to the one found on Facebook.

It is possible to customize slimScroll with options such as position, size and color. By default, it doesn’t occupy any visual space as it only appears on a user initiated mouse-over, however this can be also be set to be always on. User’s can drag the scrollbar or use mouse-wheel.

Mashi – JavaScript Timeline Toolkit

Mashi is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive and time controlled web applications that are easily integrated in to your web sites.

Mashi does not rely on HTML5 and Canvas so it functions properly in out of date browsers like IE6.

Several modules are provided such as:

  • a build in image preloader to ensure of no delays in the animations
  • controls to provide buttons such as play and pause
  • object and text effects such as text shadows
  • plug-ins to extend the functionality of the modules

Mashi apps are loaded into an arbitrary element on your website. They use multiple layers: two layers for backgrounds or fading, one pure text layer and a stage layer for any objects.