320 and up – HTML5 Boilerplate Extension

320 and up is an extension to the HTML5 boilerplate that starts with a style sheet for small screen devices and then uses progressive enhancement by using media queries to load enhanced layout and assets as they are required.

320 and up can be used standalone or by using it with the HTML5 boilerplate, in which case some files need to be replaced within the boilerplate package.

It includes:

  • five media query increments: 480, 600, 768, 992 & 1382 pixels
  • a vertical grid based on Less Framework 4
  • either a single style sheet with multiple media queries or multiple linked style sheets
  • combined HTML5 boilerplate and mobile boilerplate components
  • typography preset styles
  • imgsizer.js to improve IE’s rendering of resizeable images
  • selectivizr.js – bootstrap CSS3 selector support
  • jquery-extra-selectors.js to boost Selectivizr

PHP Bug Lost – PHP Debug & Monitoring Tool

PHP Bug Lost is a PHP debugging and monitoring tool that is quick and easy to configure and provides a great deal of information both for debugging your scripts in your development environment and monitoring errors and memory usage in your production environment.

The debug information is displayed in collapsible panel attached to the bottom of the screen.

It provides information such as:

  • Colour coded log messages
  • SQL query’s including error hander
  • Script variables
  • Load times
  • Total memory usage and individual variable memory
  • Ajax requests and response
  • Email alerts for SQL errors, long load times and excessive memory usage

It has several functions for debugging and monitoring such as logging time and messages.

Video.js – HTML5 Video Player

Video.js is a JavaScript library that extends the HTML5 video element with fixes to cross browser issues and added features such as subtitles and full screen capabilities. It can be skinned with HTML and CSS and has a JavaScript API.

It also has a lightweight (less than 10k) flash player as a fallback for browsers that do not support HTML5 which means it will work consistently in browsers such as IE6.

The source code is available on a CDN if required, however it is also available to download.