TextExt – jQuery Plugin

TextExt is a jQuery plugin that converts an ordinary HTML text area or input field into a tag input with several modular features such as:

  • Tags
  • Autocomplete
  • AJAX loading
  • Place holder text

Each of these features are built as extensions to the plugin to keep the source code to a minimum.

Included in it’s core it also features an item manager that makes it easy to convert data from a string to whatever data type you are using in the tags, filter, autocomplete or suggestions plugins.

It has a comprehensive API documentation and full featured working examples of each extension or combination of extensions.

Tags Input – jQuery Plugin

Tags Input is a jQuery plugin that converts a text field into a widget for handling tags. It transforms a comma separated string into a list of tags.

It is possible to display existing tags by using the value attribute of the input tag. Tags can also be added or removed progmatically by using addTag() and removeTag() methods.

Various other useful options and methods are also available and auto-complete is also supported.