Curtain.js – jQuery Page Navigation Scrolling Effect

Curtain.js is a jQuery plugin that creates the effect of a rising curtain when a page is scrolled down.

Scrolling can be done with the keyboard, scrollbar, mouse wheel or by binding to a navigation area. A fixed panel can also be easily added to multiple scrolling sections.

The scrolling speed can be customised as an option.

Textualizer – jQuery Text Effects

Textualizer is a lightweight (5kb) jQuery plugin that will replace a paragraph of text with different content by using a unique transition effect.

It currently supports fade in, slide left, slide top or random effects. It also has some other options to give more customisation of the effect and methods to stop, pause or destroy the text.

It has been cross browser tested and will work in legacy browsers.

When Can I Use.. – Essential Browser Support Table for CSS3 and HTML5

“When can I use..” is a searchable desktop and mobile browser support table for HTML5, CSS3 and SVG.

It provides detailed levels of browser support, overall support statistics, a description of each feature and links to example usage, workarounds and resources.

You can also import your Google analytics data to get usage statistics for each feature used on your site.

jQuery UI Multiselect Next – Updated Multiselect Widget

jQuery UI Multiselect Next is an updated version of the original multiselect and now requires  jQuery 1.4.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.

In case you missed the original version, the plugin transforms a normal HTML multi-select input field into a widget that improves the user interface by being able to easily add & remove all items, search for items and drag & drop specific items. Most of all, it is much easier to identify which items have been selected (and how many).

The new plugin can be customised with many options and methods which are well documented.