Create Charts with jQuery and Peity

Peity is a lightweight (2.4kb minified) jQuery plugin that creates mini pie, bar and line charts in any browser that supports canvas. In legacy browsers that do not support canvas, the figures will still be displayed instead.

The size and colour of the charts can be customised in the configuration options and some types of chart have extra options.

Plenty of examples are provided, however this plugin is very simple to use. The charts can even be updated dynamically.

jQuery Table Sorter Plugin

Table Sorter is a jQuery plugin for client side sorting of data within a table.

One of the benefits of table sorter is that it supports many types of data and automatically detects them. This is something that some of the more popular table sorting plugins do not handle well without extensions.

It also works well in legacy browsers supporting IE6 and Firefox 2.

One of the negatives of this table sorting plugin is that it’s features are limited and it currently does not support paging out of the box.

The options are well documented and has several working examples.

Full Calendar – jQuery Drag & Drop Calendar Plugin

Full Calendar is a jQuery plugin that features day/week/month views, drag & drop, and event hooks that enable you to extend the functionality for integration in to your own system.

It is also themeable with jQuery UI although this is not required for the drag and drop.

The plugin works by sending data in json format with AJAX requests on events such as clicking and dragging.

The configuration options are fully described in the documentation and working examples include fetching json data, populating holidays from a feed, and dragging external events on to the calendar.

Create Custom Scroll Paths with jQuery Scroll Path

jQuery Scroll Path is a plugin for creating a custom path a browser follows while scrolling.

It uses moveTo, LineTo and arc methods to draw the path. It can also rotate the screen in browsers that support CSS transforms.

Scrolling can be done with either the mouse wheel or keyboard which uses the arrow keys, space to scroll faster and shift to scroll backwards.

Once the path has been created, the plugin can be customised with options to display the scroll bar, run in a loop or draw the path. It is also possible to use a scrollTo method to jump to a specific point in the path.

Optionally, it can also be used with the easing plugin.