Tipped – jQuery Tooltip Framework

Tipped is a full featured jQuery and HTML5 tooltip framework evolved from the popular prototip library.

Skins for the tips are created with canvas so no images are required and every part of the tooltip can be customised with a few lines of JavaScript.

Callbacks can be used to load content with ajax and events are made to work with touch devices.

A license cost currently ranges from $3 for a non commercial license to $195 for unlimited commercial use.

The API is well documented with examples and a community forum is also available.

Balloon – jQuery Balloon Tooltip Plugin

Balloon is a configurable jQuery tooltip plugin that can be used with or without CSS.

The content of the tooltip can be any HTML or jQuery object and can also be loaded with ajax.

The positioning of the tip can customised in nine different positions and can also be offset with a custom value.

The opening and closing of the tip can be customised with animations.