Simplify AJAX with AjaxML

AjaxML is a jQuery plugin that makes it super simple to create ajax requests by reducing the amount of code that has to be written.

Much of the code is written as an extension to HTML by adding new attributes to elements but because of this, if your using strict xhtml, your pages are not going to validate to w3c guidelines.

The plugin has many features including:

  • events for starting, during and a successful completion of a request as well as error handling
  • various methods of inserting into a target element such as before, after, replace and into
  • passing parameters
  • ability to process requests on all types of form controls including file uploads
  • form validation to prevent the form from being submitted
  • putting each request in to the browser history

Currently, only html can be returned in the request, but development is currently being done to also return json and xml.

GFX – jQuery CSS3 Animation Library

GFX is a jQuery library for easily creating CSS3 transitions programatically.

Currently, only webkit browsers are supported which makes this plugin ideal for use in mobile web development.

The syntax for creating an animation is $("#element").gfx(properties, options) where the properties can be any CSS you want to transition. In the options you can specify the duration of the animation, easing effect, queuing the animations and a callback for when the animation completes.

GFX currently has five built-in transitions available (Explode Out, Explode In, Blip, Fade In and Fade Out).

In addition, there are three plugins to support GFX – Overlay, Flip and Cube. Overlay is a light box effect which displays some content above an overlay. Flip is a method of flipping between two elements with a nice effect. Cube will rotate up to six faces in the style of a cube.

Sone nice tutorials and examples are provided here but remember to view them in a webkit browser.

jqTree – jQuery Drag and Drop Tree Widget

jqTree is a jQuery tree widget plugin which features drag and drop with collapsable & sortable nodes.

The tree is initialised with data in json format and the plugin has many options to let you customise how data in the tree is manipulated. There are also callbacks that are fired for events such as clicking a node, right-clicking a node and moving a node.

The state of a tree can be preserved with cookies and this requires the cookie plugin. There is also a function for saving the updated tree as json data.

Awesome jQuery Timeline Plugin

Timeline is a jQuery plugin that creates an amazing timeline widget from a json data source. The widget can pull in and display media from sources such as twitter, youtube, vimeo, flickr, google maps, and sound cloud with more being added in the future.

To make things simple, it is possible to create a timeline from data within Google docs and a template is available here. If your going to create a timeline progmatically, your can create a json file server side and then add the source to the plugin configuration.

The style of the plugin can be customised with CSS and can be run full screen or in a containing element.

Sequence – Responsive Slideshow jQuery Plugin

Sequence is a jQuery plugin with unique CSS3 transitions that works in IE7 and upwards yet degrades gracefully in older browsers.

It supports responsive layouts, touch & swipe and keyboard navigation.

The plugin allows you to easily create your own themes using only CSS. Three examples are provided (modern slide in, sliding horizontal parallax and apple style).

The documentation thoroughly lists all the available options, methods and callbacks and a guide to setting up the plugin & creating a theme is explained in great detail.

Adipoli jQuery Image Hover Plugin

Adipoli is a jQuery image hover plugin with over twenty transition effects.

The plugin allows you to customise the default style (transparent, normal, overlay, grayscale) and hover style (normal, popout, sliceDown, sliceUp, fold, boxRandom, boxRain, boxRainReverse, boxRainGrow, boxRainGrowReverse) of an image.

Each transition can be customised further with options for animation speed, colour, opacity and much more.

Create Annotations on Any Web Page

Annotator is a jQuery plugin that allows you to store annotations of anything on your web pages. There is also a bookmarklet available that enables you to create annotations across the web.

The plugin itself is extensible with a number of plugins (packaged & third party) that allow you to do things like save annotations to a web store, tagging, authentication & authorisation and much more.

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