GFX – jQuery CSS3 Animation Library

GFX is a jQuery library for easily creating CSS3 transitions programatically.

Currently, only webkit browsers are supported which makes this plugin ideal for use in mobile web development.

The syntax for creating an animation is $("#element").gfx(properties, options) where the properties can be any CSS you want to transition. In the options you can specify the duration of the animation, easing effect, queuing the animations and a callback for when the animation completes.

GFX currently has five built-in transitions available (Explode Out, Explode In, Blip, Fade In and Fade Out).

In addition, there are three plugins to support GFX – Overlay, Flip and Cube. Overlay is a light box effect which displays some content above an overlay. Flip is a method of flipping between two elements with a nice effect. Cube will rotate up to six faces in the style of a cube.

Sone nice tutorials and examples are provided here but remember to view them in a webkit browser.

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