Simplify AJAX with AjaxML

AjaxML is a jQuery plugin that makes it super simple to create ajax requests by reducing the amount of code that has to be written.

Much of the code is written as an extension to HTML by adding new attributes to elements but because of this, if your using strict xhtml, your pages are not going to validate to w3c guidelines.

The plugin has many features including:

  • events for starting, during and a successful completion of a request as well as error handling
  • various methods of inserting into a target element such as before, after, replace and into
  • passing parameters
  • ability to process requests on all types of form controls including file uploads
  • form validation to prevent the form from being submitted
  • putting each request in to the browser history

Currently, only html can be returned in the request, but development is currently being done to also return json and xml.

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