jQuery Powered Ajax Spinner

Neteye Activity Indicator is a lightweight jQuery powered activity indicator or spinner that does not require any images or CSS by using SVG in modern browsers and yet also works in legacy browsers such as IE6 by using VML.

The style of the indicator can be customised in the options by configuring the number, length, width, colour and opacity of the lines and spacing in between. The speed of the animation can also be set in the options.

jQuery UI Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard is a jQuery UI plugin that is packed with features, compatible with theme roller, works with jQuery mobile and would ideal for use in a touch screen kiosk.

It supports many keyboard layouts including qwerty, alphabetic, numeric, Dvorak, regional layouts or any other custom layout. The entire keyboard can be easily customised with CSS.

It features ARIA support, an auto-complete extension, placeholder support and built-in validation. It can even be used as a calculator.

There are far too many features to list but thankfully the documentation is extremely in-depth with example layouts and demo’s, a guide to theming and example code for the options, callbacks, events and methods.

Create Thumbnail Images with jQuery NailThumb

jQuery NailThumb is a full featured jQuery plugin that can create thumbnail images from a larger or high resolution image.

The simplest way to create a thumbnail with no resizing on the page is by setting the dimensions of the thumbnail images with CSS and then calling the NailThumb plugin on the images container element.

However, the plugin has an API with a large collection of options, methods and callbacks to configure the images positioning, size, proportions, animation, title & much more.

The NailThumb website is loaded with examples which demonstrate many of the available options.

Collection of Metro Icons

Metro Studio is a collection of over 600 metro icon templates that can be customised within the Syncfusion Metro Studio Windows application – which you will need to install and is also currently free.

The application allows you to customise the size, icon and background colour and then export the image as one of various types.

The icons are split between ten categories including: applications, banking, business data, medical, must have, network & security, objects, outlook, signs and Windows applications.

Page Slide – Responsive jQuery Plugin

Page Slide is a jQuery plugin from the creator of backstretch that can slide a page out of view to reveal an additional navigation area.

Similar functionality exists on the mobile version of the facebook site and like facebook, this plugin is also ideal for responsive web sites.

Content can be loaded from an iframe or as a modal. There are options to configure the speed and direction of the animation.

jCrop – jQuery Image Cropping Plugin

jCrop is an unobtrusive jQuery plugin that makes it simple to crop images with a user interface that is similar to graphics applications.

The plugin has lots of features including aspect ratio locking, minimum and maximum sizes, keyboard support and a range of callbacks.

It is compatible with older legacy browsers such as IE6 and the latest version has experimental touch support for mobile devices.