TinyNav – Responsive Navigation Plugin

TinyNav is a super lightweight (362 bytes minified and gzipped) and responsive jQuery plugin that converts ordered and unordered lists into a select drop-down for small screen devices.

Optionally you can set the css class used for the active page and this will be selected in the select drop-down.

It is tested and works in all common and legacy browsers.

Ideal Forms – jQuery Responsive Form Framework

Ideal Forms is a jQuery plugin to build fully responsive forms without the need of media queries.

It also features validation, and has placeholder and keyboard  support for all browsers.

The validation has large number of built in filters including: required, number, digits, name, username, pass, strong pass, email, phone, zip, url, min, max, date and exclude. All of which are explained fully in the documentation and custom filters can be created with regular expressions.

Google+ Responsive Layout Template

I was recently working on a responsive CMS admin template layout in the style of Google + with fixed a fixed header and left & right navigation areas. I thought I would share it as a minimal base for anyone wanting to create a similar template layout.

When the document is resized to anything below the size of  a tablet device, the left navigation is collapsed and the right navigation area is displayed between the page header and the content. The whole document becomes scrollable instead of the just the content area.

I’ve tested this in IE9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & Safari on iPhone. If you want it to work on IE8 and under you will need to add  the HTML5 Shiv plugin.

Cookie Cuttr – EU Cookie Law Plugin

Cookie Cuttr is a jQuery plugin that provides a quick and easy way to manage the cookies on your site for the EU cookie law that comes in to effect in the UK at the start of next week.

It provides a method of displaying custom accept/decline cookie messages that can also be multi-lingual.

One feature of this plugin  is that it makes it possible to disable certain parts of your website until cookies are accepted by giving a container a specific class name. It is also possible to block specific JavaScript from running unless cookies have been accepted.

The plugin features responsive CSS which can also  be customised for your own site.

A plugin is available for Wordpress.

jPList – Client Side Sorting, Filtering & Paging

jPList is a jQuery pagination plugin that also features filtering and sorting of the data using the html5 data attribute.

It also features its own drop down to select the number of pages and sort fields. Sorting can be performed on text or dates.

Everything can be styled with CSS and there are options to customise the filters and the default settings.

Check Mis-Spellings in Email Form Fields

Mailcheck.js is a jQuery plugin that checks the spellings of domain names when entered in a form field and suggests the correct spelling if spelled incorrectly.

By default, it will check the most common domain names used for email such as gmail and hotmail but it is also possible to pass your own list as an option.

There are two callbacks, suggested and empty. Suggested is called when there is a suggestion and Empty is called when there are no suggestions.