Backbone.Notifier – jQuery Notifications Framework

Backbone.Notifier is a jQuery notifications framework with lots of features that requires backbone,js and underscore.js.

Among its features are:

  • Top screen and centered notifications.
  • Pre-defined styles: default, info, error, warning, success.
  • Ability to set custom styles easily via CSS and js API.
  • Ability to set default options and multiple notifiers with different sets of defaults.
  • Supports buttons with easy events binding which also makes the notifications an input method.
  • Dialog style with titles.
  • Modal notifications.
  • Animations (which can be adjusted or turned off).
  • Integrated animated loader.
  • Customise timing for hiding messages.
  • Extendable with modules architecture and includes 3d module.

It currently has large number of options to customise the timing, style, size & position with even more features being added in the future.

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