Meteor – A New Way To Build Web Applications

Meteor is a new way of creating cloud applications that uses JavaScript on both the client and the server (inside a Node.js container) to push data to the database via an API.

On the client, the document is automatically updated when the data is updated.

It is designed to work with any templating system but the only package currently available is handlebars.

The framework is not yet fully completed, but everything that has been built so far is fully documented and some amazing examples demonstrate what is already possible.

Refine Slide – Responsive & Lightweight jQuery Slider

Refine Slide is a lightweight (12kb minified) jQuery slider that features 14 transitions some of which are hardware accelerated in selected browsers.

It is fully responsive and also has responsive thumbnail views. It can display HTML captions and is supported by most browsers including IE7 upwards.

It also features of good selection of options and callbacks that should allow you to customise the slider for just about any use.

jQuery Google Analytics Style Date Picker

jQuery date picker is a jQuery plugin that allows dates to picked over a range of calendars like the one used in Google Analytics.

It can be embedded in to a page or pop up and some of the features include: localisation, days can marked as special events, custom day as start of week and it will fit automatically in to the viewport.

The style of the calendar can be easily customised with CSS.

Horizontal Nav – jQuery Navigation Plugin

Horizontal Nav is a jQuery plugin that stretch a horizontal navigation to the width of it’s container while maintaining equal proportions between each element.

It will also work in responsive designs by re-adjusting the widths automatically when the document window is resized.

Although it’s not impossible to create an evenly spaced navigation with just CSS, this plugin saves a lot of time – particularly if the navigation is frequently updated.

Chronoline – JavaScript Timeline Library

Chronoline is a library for displaying events on chronological timeline. It requires raphael.js but jQuery can also be used to improve presentation.

An associative array of events is required to render the timeline. The data can contain: date, titlesection (optional – the id of the section to associate the event with) and attrs (optional -. any raphael.js attrs that you want applied to the element).

Cycle CSS Sprites with jQuery

Fc.tape is a jQuery UI widget used to create sprite animations.

It works by cycling through a sprite that contains a number of images (similarly to a movie reel) and provides methods to control the playback.

It is possible to step between each frame and play between specific frames. A smooth option adds an extra level of smoothness to the playback.

There is also a rotate mode where the frames can be rotated by clicking in the frame and controlling the animation.

Redactor – jQuery WYIWYG Editor

Redactor is a jQuery based HTML WYSIWYG editor. It works cross-browser & cross platform and has localization for over twenty countries.

It is much more lightweight than both TinyMCE and CK Editor and features:

  • Drag & drop uploading of files & images
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Custom toolbar options
  • Full screen display
  • Source code view
  • Autore size
  • Auto save
  • Multiple instances
  • API

It is under active development and new features are frequently released.