PHP Excel – Read, Write & Create Excel Documents in PHP

PHP Excel is a set of classes that allow you to read and read to different file formats, like xls, xlsx, csv, ods, pdf & html.

The project is built around the OpenXML standard and PHP.

Some features include adding data, formulas & different data types to individual cells, merging cells, protect ranges of cells with a password, cell data validation and many more.

Jmpress.js – jQuery Port of Impress.js

Back in February we wrote about impress.js, a CSS presentation framework. jmpress.js is a port of impress.js that uses jQuery and jQuery UI to make it easier to use and add new features such as UI themes.

Some other new features include: custom animations, embedding content in a container, alternative switching to a normal view, many more configuration options and tree hierarchies.

The web site features in-depth documentation and examples.