Subtle Patterns – Free Repeatable Background Patterns

Subtle Patterns is a collection of free and high quality repeatable background patterns.

There are currently over 250 patterns available. Each can be previewed before downloading and they are tagged so it’s easy to find what your looking for.

There is also a wordpress plugin for your blog and a safari extension to preview the patterns on any web site.

TermsFeed – Terms of Service & Privacy Policy Generator

Termsfeed is an online generator for general websites that will quickly and easily create customised terms and use and privacy policy documents by entering your web site name, URL and company name.

The generated document is output in HTML format including tags ready to copy and paste into your web page or content management system.

iPicture – jQuery Tooltips For Images

iPicture is a jQuery plugin for displaying slide-out tooltip messages over images at specific coordinates and can be integrated in to sliders.

The tooltip button can be customised from a choice of colours or you can use your own by customising the CSS.

It features a drag and drop interface to easily create new tooltips and write descriptions. When saved, a json configuration string is returned with the settings and co-ordinates of the tool tips.

jMapping – Create Google Maps From Semantic Markup

jMapping is a jQuery plugin to create maps from semantic markup.

By default, the map is configured using a HTML5 data attribute (data-jmapping), however this can be configured.

Markers can be updated using an ajax request and running an update callback function.

There are also a number of options available which are all documented to customise the map.

A number of examples are provided that demonstrate customising settings, setting zoom levels, pagination and much more.

Approach – Animate CSS Properties Based On Distance

Approach is a jQuery plugin that allows CSS properties to be animated over distance instead of time. The closer the mouse cursor is to an element, the more intense the style will be applied.

This could be used to change the opacity of single or multiple elements as demonstrated in the examples provided here.

It uses the same styles as jQuery animate and if you have the jQuery UI Effects installed, it will also accept color based properties.