Box.js – JavaScript Modular Loading & Compression

Box.JS is a modular loading system that combines multiple JavaScript files into a single request and delivers a minified and cached response.

JavaScript files can be loaded locally or from a different domain. Coffee Script files can also be included and the response can be delivered immediately or deferred and called at some other time.

Tags Manager – Twitter Bootstrap Optimised jQuery Tag Plugin

Tags Manager is a jQuery plugin that is optimised for use with Bootstrap by Twitter by taking advantage of the style sheet and Typeahead plugin.

The plugin features type ahead from a local or remote data source, options to automatically capitalise the first letter and customised delimiters.

If a duplicate tag is typed, a notification can also be displayed by blinking the existing tag.

Bigvideo.js – Full Screen Background Video with jQuery

Bigvideo.js is a jQuery plugin to display fullscreen background images and video.

It is built on top of the video.js jQuery plugin and also requires jQuery UI and the images loaded plugin.

A single video can be played in the page background or a series of video’s can be played from a playlist.

As it is built on video.js, the video.js API is available to use.

Power Tip – jQuery Tooltips

Power Tip is a lightweight (6kb minified) jQuery tooltip plugin with a powerful set of features including:

  • Hover intent – Prevents the tooltip from opening on accidentally hovering over the element.
  • Queuing – The previous tooltip can be gracefully closed before a new one is opened.
  • Multiple instances.
  • Smart placement – Keeps tips inside the viewport.
  • Fade In/Out.
  • Keyboard navigation compatible.

The plugin supports eight different placements as well as a mode to follow the mouse inside a larger container element. It is also possible to add interactive content inside the tooltips such as links.

There is an API that will allow you progmatically show and hide tips. There are a number of options and events for customisation and everything is extremely well documented.