Fresco – Powerful & Responsive jQuery Lightbox

Fresco is the first jQuery lightbox plugin that is suitable for use in responsive designs.

It also features a fullscreen zoom, retina skins for IOS devices, Youtube and Vimeo integration for HTML5 video and a powerful Javascript API.

Options can be set in JavaScript or by inline HTML by using the data attribute.

There are currently three callbacks: afterPosition, afterHide and onShow.

Happy JS – Lightweight Form Validation

Happy JS is a lightweight (2.9kb) jQuery form validation plugin.

The plugin is easy to use and style with only a minimal set of features. If you only require a simple set of validation rules or want to write your own then this plugin is for you. If not, then you might consider using something like this.

If validation fails, a customised message is displayed before for the from field in a span element with an “unhappy” class.