Create Annotations on Any Web Page

Annotator is a jQuery plugin that allows you to store annotations of anything on your web pages. There is also a bookmarklet available that enables you to create annotations across the web.

The plugin itself is extensible with a number of plugins (packaged & third party) that allow you to do things like save annotations to a web store, tagging, authentication & authorisation and much more.

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If you are using Wordpress, a plugin is available here.

jTweetsAnywhere – jQuery Twitter Widget

jTweetsAnywhere is a Twitter widget powered by jQuery that easily integrates Twitter services into your web site.

The following are just a few of the features that can implemented with just a few lines of code:

  • Display tweets from users’ feeds and users’ lists
  • Show results from a Twitter search
  • Present auto-refreshing realtime/live tickers
  • Build pageable tweet feeds
  • Integrate a customizable TweetBox into your site
  • Let your visitors follow you directly from your site
  • Handle secure authentication with Twitter

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Twitter’s @Anywhere features are also supported by including Twitter’s anywhere.js and registering your site with Twitter to obtain an API key.

The plugin is well documented and has a number of examples that demonstrate its features.

Mashi – JavaScript Timeline Toolkit

Mashi is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive and time controlled web applications that are easily integrated in to your web sites.

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Mashi does not rely on HTML5 and Canvas so it functions properly in out of date browsers like IE6.

Several modules are provided such as:

  • a build in image preloader to ensure of no delays in the animations
  • controls to provide buttons such as play and pause
  • object and text effects such as text shadows
  • plug-ins to extend the functionality of the modules

Mashi apps are loaded into an arbitrary element on your website. They use multiple layers: two layers for backgrounds or fading, one pure text layer and a stage layer for any objects. If you’re looking for a fast, scalable hosting option for your business then you’re right to be interested in